The following is the mission statement as proposed by our founders back in 1976, which was documented in our original incorporation papers filed with the state of Illinois. Almost forty years have passed since this mission statement was created. I am proud to say that our mission remains the same.
To form an organization of Bolivian physicians in the United States to promote and facilitate professional relations between and among the members of the organization and all members of the medical profession.

To provide for the continuing education of the members of the organization by means of lectures, panel discussions, seminars, publications, and the like.

To support and assist Bolivian medical education, and to make grants and gifts in aid to Bolivian medical schools and Bolivian medical students.

To further the education of Bolivian medical students by means of lectures, panel discussions, and seminars sponsored by the organization and by distributing various educational materials to Bolivian medical students.

To support and assist medical education in general.